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Foods for a Whiter Smile

Foods for a Whiter SmileCertain foods and drinks, such as wine and berry-flavored candy, can stain teeth and promote cavities. However, some foods can actually make your smile whiter and your teeth healthier. Here are the top foods to eat if you want your teeth to shine.

Nuts and Seeds

The crunchiness of nuts and seeds helps teeth by abrading stains and plaque off of the enamel.

Green Tea

The tannins contained by green tea actually prevent bacteria from attaching to tooth enamel. In addition to helping prevent bacteria from causing unsightly cavities, green tea can also preserve your smile thanks to its high content of fluoride.


Cheese makes the mouth less acidic, resulting in lower chances of tooth erosion and staining. Because cheese is a natural source of calcium, it also helps the body maintain strong tooth enamel.

Dark Chocolate

The theobromine content of chocolate supports hardness of tooth enamel, resulting in decreased risks of staining. Of course, chocolate candies high in sugar can still contribute to cavities.


Strawberries are an excellent source of an enzyme called malic acid, which actually clears stains from teeth. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other berries, which are among the most common culprits behind tooth discoloration.

Regularly eating the foods listed here may help you maintain a better-looking smile without the need for teeth whitening. If you still require teeth whitening for stains that have already occurred, you can focus on these foods afterwards to preserve your results. You can schedule a consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in San Fernando Valley to learn about more smile-friendly foods.

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