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Foods that Can Boost Oral Health

Foods that Can Boost Oral HealthWe know that some foods and drinks are detrimental to our teeth, particularly sugary and staining foods. But it is also important to know that there are certain things you can consume that promote oral health. The following is a list of foods to add to your diet to keep your smile healthy.

• Cheese is not only delicious, but also really great for your oral health. The texture of cheese against the teeth helps to build up enamel. It is also full of lactic acid, calcium, and protein, all of which prevent cavities.

• Black coffee may be bad for the shade of your teeth, but both caffeinated and decaf coffee is full of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory agents, which helps to prevent gum disease.

• Surprisingly, studies show that patients who ate gummie bears three times a day showed had less bacteria and plaque on their teeth than those who did not. Xylitol, often found in prepackaged snacks, can actually reduce harmful bacteria strains.

• Like coffee, red wine can be harmful for the look of your teeth, but can also be helpful towards their overall health. Researchers have discovered that ethanol, found specifically in pinot noir, is antimicrobial and eliminates disease-causing bacteria.

• The ADA endorses steak and other red meat for its high levels of phosphorous, which protects bone and tooth enamel.

• Green and black teas are very high in polyphenols, which fight bacteria, acid, and glucosyltransferase, an enzyme that allows plaque to stick to the teeth. Tea is also able to help you absorb fluoride, which is helps build the enamel.

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