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Health Problems Your Dentist Can Find

Health Problems Your Dentist Can FindRegular dental checkups help dentist catch oral health problems that could potentially become more serious. Our dentist may also spot systemic health problems during exams. A variety of diseases can manifest in the teeth and gums, and early identification can lead to fast treatment by the right medical professional. Here is a look at what our expert in dental exam in San Fernando Valley can find.


Diabetes raises the risks of gum disease and a host of oral complications, including gum bleeding and tooth loss. Healing time is also prolonged by untreated diabetes, as it can slow recovery after infections and oral surgery.


Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are characterized by memory loss, which often causes failure to perform regular oral hygiene. The teeth and gums may develop cavities and periodontitis as a result, which can alert our dentist that overall self-care may be deteriorating.

Heart Disease

Gum disease is linked to higher risks of stroke, heart attack and blood clots. If gum disease is found during an exam, patients may benefit from seeking preventive strategies and heart checkups.


Bone weakening caused by osteoporosis can damage the jaws, and can potentially lead to tooth loss. Fast action by patients can help stop the progression of bone loss.

Acid Reflux and Eating Disorders

These disorders involve the flow of stomach acid into and through the mouth. This can show in signs of the enamel eroding, in which raises the risks of tooth decay. Medications and mouth rinsing can help minimize the damage.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is naturally antimicrobial and contains minerals that are used to build teeth. Therefore, its presence is important for the prevention and repair of decay or other damage. Dry mouth can result from medications, diseases and aging.

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