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Preparing your Child for the First Dental Visit

Preparing your Child for the First Dental VisitThe first trip to the dentist can be a major step for your child. With a little planning, you can make the experience easier for your child as well as for you. Here is a short guide to preparation for the appointment.

Explain Oral Health

Your child may be less anxious about a dental exam if they understand why it is important. In simple terms, explain how cavities, gum disease and other dental problems can occur and why it is important to prevent them.

Meet Our Dentist

Arriving early for your visit will allow time for your child to meet our dentist before the check-up starts. Our staff are experienced with pediatric dentistry, and they know how to make treatment easy for young patients. Our dentist can also show your child around our office and display the tools that will be used.

Plan for a Reward

Having a reward planned for after the appointment can help ease tension during the exam itself. A visit to a friend, a video game rental or a coloring book are just a few potential rewards depending on your child. In order to emphasize the value of dental health, however, it may be best to avoid giving your child candies or other sugary items as rewards for a successful dental visit.

Regular check-ups can help your child have healthy teeth and gums throughout life. To schedule an introduction visit or learn more ways to make first dental appointments as easy as possible, you can contact our dental office.

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