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Why you Should Brush your Teeth

Why you Should Brush your TeethTooth brushing is an essential daily habit, but many people still fail to do it enough. There are many reasons to brush pertaining to health, finances and aesthetics. Below, you will see why you should brush your teeth diligently.

Avoid Health Problems

You may be aware that cavities and gum disease occur more easily in the absence of daily brushing, but did you know that risks of other diseases can also rise in this situation? Diseased gums have been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia. If you lose teeth because decay or gum disease, you may become less able to chew many nutritious foods.

Stay Confident

Failing to brush your teeth could ultimately ruin your confidence. For example, gum disease can make your breath smell bad. If you lose teeth, your smile may be affected. Both situations may reduce your self-esteem, possibly causing problems in your social life.

Avoid Dental Treatments

Prevention is preferable to treatment whenever possible. Not only can brushing your teeth help you avoid discomfort, but it also is likely to reduce the amount of dental care you need later. Restorations, tooth replacements and other treatments can be time consuming as well as expensive.

In addition to brushing your teeth every day, you should receive a dental exam at least once every six months. At these visits, our dentist will clean the teeth more completely than brushing can, creating a fresh start for your oral health routine. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about reasons for brushing your teeth.

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